Externado launches the first Masters in Social Neuroscience in the country

The program is directed by the Center for Research on Social Dynamics (CIDS) Science and Human Processes Interdisciplinary Laboratory – LINCIPH - and the Health, Medical Knowledge, and Society Area of the Externado Social and Human Sciences Faculty.

Social Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field enabling critical integration of life sciences and social and human sciences theories and methods to investigate social interactions of the human species.

The University has a long tradition in creating Social and Human Sciences innovative programs. The Social Neuroscience Masters is our House of Studies’ first “hard” sciences or “life sciences” graduate program.

According to Jorge Martínez Cotrina, director of the Science and Human Processes Interdisciplinary Laboratory – LINCIPH – the Externado has been making concerted efforts to offer Basic Science academic programs with an interdisciplinary approach, such as this new Masters.

The Externado Social and Human Sciences Faculty work team is, at the national level, a pioneer in Social Neuroscience research. It has carried out numerous investigations and academic publications on the subject.

The program features participation by international visiting professors as well as national professors, experts in Social Neuroscience issues.

On the other hand, the Master’s program has signed international agreements benefiting students and professors. Students may perform practices in laboratories in Brazil, at the ABC University or the Brain Institute of the University of Rio Grande; also, the Mexican Institute of Psychiatry, and, in Europe, at the Universidad de la Laguna, Spain.


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