BSIEM – Business with Social Impact in Emerging markets

Our Mission

Create unique learning experiences in different contexts and countries (Brazil, Colombia, India, Russia, etc) to connect students with variety of situations, problems and opportunities to lead them to transform social issues in successful business models.

General Objective

To build awareness and new prospective among business school students to invite them to do business pursuing integral wellness in the communities.

The groups will be conformed by students coming from different countries and after they will visit diverse campus according to the agenda. The program will not charge any fee to the participants. Students will be pay air tickets, accomodation and meals.

Do you want to learn about business, trends and leadership
in a market with more than 1.5 billion of population?

Business with Social Impact in Emerging markets

Business and economies are transforming every day, in the 21st. century markets are demanding new strategies. Could you deal with the new scheme?

Distinct Universities, diverse continents , varied emerging economies, multiple problems and contexts, innovating solutions. A complete new business approach in the countries and universities where changes are happening.

Colombia numbers:

Capital: Bogotá
GDP: 2.68% (World Bank 2018)
Population: 48.258.498 (DANE 2019)
Poverty Index: 2.7 (World Bank 2018)
Gini: 0,52 (world Bank ) 2018

Brazil numbers:

Capital: Brasilia
GDP: 1.118% (World Bank 2018)
Population: 211.147.300 (World Bank 2018)
Poverty Index: Poverty: 26.5 (World Bank 2017)
Gini: 0,71 (world Bank ) 2018

India numbers:

Capital: New Delhi
GDP: 6.98% (Word Bank 2018)
Population (in millions): 1316.896 (2017)
Poverty Index: 41.3% (2011-2012)
Gini Coefficient: 0,65 (world Bank ) 2017

Russia numbers:

Capital: Moscow
GDP: 1.65 trillion (2018)
Population (in millions): 145.5 million (2018)
Poverty Index: 12.9% (2018)
Gini Coefficient: 0,43 (2018)

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