ISAE in Brazil

Social Innovation

– Understand the concept and process of developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress;

– Encourage students for de development of projects and initiatives that focuses attention on the ideas and solutions that create social value;

– Develop knowledge based on the 3  Social Innovation Drivers according to Stanford Center for Social Innovation:

  • Exchange of ideas and values
  • Shifts in roles and relationships
  • Integration of private capital with public and philanthropic support

Business for Impact

  • To provide students the possibility of creating and generating business with a positive impact on society;
  • To meet Brazilian and international models of impact initiatives;
  • Learn about trends and techniques for generating ideas and innovation;
  • Understand the SDGs as a vector for innovation;
  • Understand the process of building businesses and startups to generate new business, based on the “Lean Startup” model.


  • During the learning process, active methodologies will be used and focused on learning in practice. In addition, students will be stimulated through practical challenges and develop projects and ideas based on the methodologies of startups (fail fast to innovate faster).