SPJIMR in India

CSR & Sustainability

  1. To demonstrate a strong business case for CSR and that business performance and social responsibility can complement one another (doing well while doing good, makes good business sense)
  2. To introduce a conceptual framework for CSR with an approach of strategic and sustainable development models
  3. To acquaint participants with 17 UN Sustainable Goals and analyse 5 most relevant goals in detail which influence responsibility and responsive business decision making.
  4. To provide know-how on the practices of CSR which strengthen the 5 goals and showcase cases from real life to relate them.
  5. To deepen their knowledge on gender equality, quality education, decent work, responsible production and consumption and partnership as goals.
  6. To know Government’s mandate on CSR

Social Entrepreneurship in India

  1. To introduce the concepts of social entrepreneurship in India and discuss some well known cases, reasons for their success and failure
  2. To develop individuals as social entrepreneurs/enable budding and practicing social entrepreneurs to solve social problems
  3. To focus on execution of ideas/projects and develop sustainability of the enterprises through innovative management approach
  4. To make participants aware of the latest trends in civil society and social entrepreneurship
  5. To develop entrepreneurial skills through field visits, problem solving assignments on social business, and interacting with social entrepreneurs 6. To provide information on Seed Capital for social enterprises


  • Knowing Skilling Attitude (KSA Framework)/Learning by Doing
  • Knowing the concepts through classroom sessions, knowledge about the themes and latest trends in them in India
  • Skilling the participants by make them do practical real time assignments and case studies, hands-on training from social entrepreneurs through workshops
  • Developing Attitute towards the social field and being humble and compassionate for the underserved sections of the society