Political Geography and Internal Geopolitics: Territorial dynamics of the implementation of the peace agreements

Fecha: 27 of september

Hora: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Lugar: A-100 TEATRO

This will be the theme of the 2018 GeoRaizAL Conference organized by the Social and Human Sciences Geography Program.

The GeoRaizAL Conference is a discussion scenario promoted by the Red de Geografía Crítica de Raíz Latinoamericana (Latin-American Root Critical Geography Network), aiming to encourage geographical research, from a critical and decolonial perspective. GeoRaizAL promotes the production of knowledge from our reality as Latin Americans to reach recognition of our geographies.

On this occasion, the Conference will center on the territorial dynamics of the implementation of the Peace Agreements. The actions being developed by Government institutions and social organizations in different areas of the country to contribute to peace-building will be analyzed. Such actions can impact land use in the country and, thus, the importance of analyzing them from political geography and internal geopolitics perspectives.

The Conference is directed to professors, students and all interested in geography.