The Externado will be one of the sites of the Latin American Convention of Sociology Students

Date: 02 of august

Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Place: D-200 AUDITORIO

With a series of academic lectures and discussion panels, the Third Version of the Convention will discuss the twists and social transformations in Latin America.

The III Latin American Convention of Sociology Students, event that brings together the academic community to discuss processes and social studies in the region, will be held July 31 through August 4, 2017.

Participating in the event are several Colombian universities; among them, the Externado, which will host one of the discussion meetings, seeking to “turn on the switch” on disciplinary and interdisciplinary debate relating to the study and analysis of social realities.

The Convention will address questions on the twists and social transformations in Latin America and the Caribbean; and, for this purpose, will examine eleven general themes to be used as guidelines at the round tables. The thematics include country fields and ruralities; work; Latin American cities; gender studies; geopolitics, and territory development.

Also, alternative spaces will be offered, such as panels’ introduction, central, and discussion, as well as guided tours and field trips to comprehensively address the proposed subjects.

The panel “Present and possible futures: analysis and interdisciplinary dialogues,” held at the Externado, will be open to the general public. However, sociology students interested in participating in other Convention events must register at the website:

The Colombian universities participating include the Universidad de Antioquia, del Tolima, Nacional de Colombia, Javeriana, del Rosario and the Externado de Colombia.