The problem of consciousness, mental processes, and meditative experience, from the Vedic perspective

Fecha: 26 of april

Hora: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Lugar: D-200 AUDITORIO

Within the training program provided by the Psychology program, different extracurricular activities are offered.

The “Subjectivities Symposium,” held every semester, has convened recognized national and international speakers. On this occasion, the guest will be Swami Paramtej, director for Latin America of “El Arte Vivir” (Live Art) organization, who, together with one of our professors, will talk about the problem of consciousness and cognition from the Vedic perspective (related to the Hindu sacred books).

The event will give continuity to the discussions on human subjectivity and its understanding from multiple approaches of the human problems in today’s society.

Free admission