Externado Alumnus: Director of the National Union for Risk and Disaster Management

Professor Javier Paver, Master in Territorial Planning and Population Dynamics of Universidad Externado de Colombia, was appointed by the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, as the new director of the National Unit for Risk and Disaster Management.

Javier Pava is an engineer in Geology, Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, and a specialist in Risk Assessment and Disaster Prevention from Universidad de Los Andes. He also holds a Master in Territorial Management and Population Management from Universidad Externado de Colombia. He graduated with a meritorious thesis entitled, ‘A balance of the incorporation of disaster risk management in the first generation of POT* and the configuration of risk conditions in the context of climate change from the population perspective of the new POT project in Bogotá’.

He has held important public positions including, Director of the District Institute for Risk Management and Climate Change – IDIGER. He has been an international consultant for the German Society for International Cooperation – GIZ – and the World Bank.

Mr. Pava is the author of different publications on the incorporation of risk management and climate change in Municipal Development Plans, Territorial Ordinance Plans, and Management of Hydrographic Cuecas Plans, Integral Management of Water Resources, Eco-urbanism, and Sustainable Urban Drainage System.

At the Externado de Colombia University he has served as a professor int the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, and as a thesis tutor on the topics of risk management and the environment.

Universidad Externado de Colombia congratulates Professor Javier Pava and wishes him every success in his new professional challenges.

*POT – Territorial Ordinance Plans