Externado professor participates in international event, in Athens, Greece

José Fernando Rubio, Professor of the Social and Human Sciences Faculty, will participate in the XI Edition of the “Ibero-American Literature Festival in Athens."

The Literature Festival in Athens (LEA), dedicated to the dissemination of the letters of the Latin American peoples, is the biggest event in Greece. It is a meeting of cultures whose main objective combines the diffusion of reading, intercultural dialogue, exchange of ideas, and entertainment; a festival of diversity and richness of the Ibero-American culture, through lectures, book presentations, chats, exhibits, musical performances, art, literature, and translation workshops.

Participating in the LEA Festival are renowned Hispanic and Lusophone authors whose works have been translated into Greek. They include Fernando Aramburu, Andrés Barba, and Juan Vicente Piqueras, from Spain; Carlos Fonseca, from Costa Rica; Jorge Hernández, from Mexico, and Mario Delgado Aparaín, from Uruguay.

Also featured are writers and poets whose work has not yet been translated, such as Luis García Montero, Lola Mascarell, and José Saborit, from Spain; Elsa Cross, from Mexico; Manuela Mavromijali, from Cyprus, and Luís Filipe Castro Mendes, from Portugal.

Similarly, attending the event are prominent scholars, such as José Fernando Rubio, representing the Externado History Program, and Vicente Fernández González, from the University of Málaga, Spain.

Another participant in the LEA Festival is María Kodama, writer, translator, and life companion of author Jorge Luis Borges. She is the president of the International Foundation bearing his name, whose mission is to disseminate the memory of the great Spanish-speaking writer.

The LEA Festival is co-organized by the Intercultural Development Festival; the Sol Latino Magazine; the Maria Tsakos y Abanico Foundation, with the support of the Instituto Cervantes; Acción Cultural Española, and the Instituto Camões. It is also supported by the embassies of the Ibero-American countries with headquarters in Athens: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, and Venezuela.