Once again, Externadistas are finalists in the Aim2Flourish international award

Congratulations to our students for their effort and dedication in building stories that inspire future leaders.

It is the fifth consecutive year in which postgraduate students, with the support of Professor Gustavo Yepes, from the School of Management, reach the finals in the 2020 Flourish Prize.

The Fowler Center announced that, of the 585 stories published last year, 77 were selected as finalists for the 17 awards to the best cases published in 2020, represented with exemplary stories, all inspired by the Global Goals for sustainable development.

Aim2Floruish is a global initiative aiming to recognize and disseminate business innovations that generate profits and are also good for the world. This initiative was created by Case Western Reserve University and supported by the Principles of Responsible Management Education – PRME – of the United Nations Global Compact.

Following, we present our four finalist cases from the different postgraduate programs of the Externado de Colombia University School of Management:

  1. Distrito Chocolate,written by Andrés Quijano, Camilo Acero, and Monika Vanessa Del Pilar Morales Polo, students of the 65th Masters in Business Administration
  2. Urbania Café, written by Juliana Hoyos Acevedo, Lilia Soraya Manzano Romero, and Manuel Felipe Torres Trujillo, students of the 3rd Masters in Supply Chain
    Management and Global Logistics
  3. Agualogic, written by Camilo Alberto Hernández Cantor, Carolina Jerez, and Gina Martínez Castro, students of the 3rd Masters in Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics. 
  4. Innova Kit SAS, written by Maria Barrera, Jeimmy Vanessa Valencia Bravo, and Alejandro Ruiz, students of the 1stMasters in Management of Digital Transformation and Business Analytics.

Read the stories:

Distrito Chocolate

Urbania Café


Innova Kit

View the list of finalists here

Listed below are the Flourish Prize finalists and winners of the last few years: