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Business Administration Faculty, present at the VIII Regional RECLA Meeting 2018

Professor Lolita Carrillo de Sicard presented the success case, “Comprehensive program of Strategic corporate governance and financial structuring intervention,” directed to SMEs.

The Externado University Business Administration Faculty recently attended the VIII Regional RECLA Meeting – 2018 – “Linking University – Enterprise – State,” organized by the Latin America and Europe Continuing Education Network (RECLA), and the Latin University of Panama.

Lolita Carrillo de Sicard, Externado Continuing Education Director, presented the success case “Comprehensive program of Strategic corporate governance and financial structuring intervention,” aimed at SME entrepreneurs,  presented by Bancoldex, and supported by the Chambers of Commerce of 12 cities across the country.

According to the professor, in the success case, 17 programs tailored to the needs of different companies, were developed. The programs were applied in 235 companies, with participation by several members of the organization, including managers.

Additionally, each organization conducted a self-diagnosis.  Good practices were analyzed, entrepreneurs were provided with the tools and concepts for carrying out their improvement projects, and also, included a support phase by specialized tutors of our House of Studies.

Also presented at the Regional Meeting were the cases of the University of Seville and the Open University of Catalonia called “Master in Global Supply Chain and Aeronautical Operations” and “Aqualogy: a tandem between University and enterprise in water formation,” respectively.


The RECLA Regional meeting aims to analyze the main aspects of the relationship between continuing education programs, aligned with the needs of the production, business, and public sectors.

To do so, it bases its study on Continuing Education programs of several universities which have strengthened their departments using strategic alliances with productive and Government sectors.

The event includes lectures, roundtables, workshops, analysis, and socialization of success stories, as well as spaces for networking, especially with local and Central American universities.

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