Feminine Leadership Meeting in celebration of Women’s Day

Date: 8 of march of 2019

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Place: AUH -201

On March 8, 2019, the School of Management will hold the first Feminine Leadership Meeting in celebration of International Women's Day and the presentation of the Women of the Year Awards.

“On March 8, 2019, we will commemorate Women’s Day with six talks with an equal number of women who have helped build the country. Women who have accomplished extraordinary work in society, in the fields of technology, business, science, entrepreneurship, and who, without a doubt, have helped the women of Colombia by being agents of change,” stated María Cecilia Otoya, Executive Director of the School of Management Women Breaking Barriers program.

The Conference is divided into six categories, for which six high-level representatives have been chosen.

The speakers

Category: Business

Luz María Jaramillo, President of Pavimentos Colombia

Social Worker from the Universidad Javeriana, co-founder and President of Pavimentos Colombia S.A.S., an organization dedicated to conducting studies and designs, construction, restoration, and maintenance of road infrastructure. In the past 50 years, the company has built over 3,500 kilometers of roads, 88 projects, and 7 road concessions, in our country and Peru.

Category: Science

María Virginia Villegas, infectologist from Miami University

Doctor of Medicine from the Universidad del Valle, and ID specialization from Miami University. Has a Master’s in Microbiology from the Universidad del Valle and Fellow in Bacterial Resistance from the universities of Miami and Chicago. Her career has focused on helping public and private hospitals in the country to generate data enabling the proper use of antibiotics.

Category: Technology

Diana Gaviria, President of Connect Bogotá Region

Executive Director of Connect Bogotá – Region – the most important innovation network in Colombia. She has 20 years of work experience, holding leadership positions in public, academic and non-governmental sectors. For the past seven years, she has promoted a collaborative leadership model seeking to make Bogotá and Cundinamarca one of Latin America’s most innovative regions.

Category: Society

Luz Adriana Neira Cifuentes, Dr. Clown

Specialized in Performing Arts and Clown Techniques; pioneer of laughter therapy in Colombia; CEO of the Fundación Doctora Clown; an expert in laughter Spa; laughter, Yoga, and scientific benefits of laughter. Organization workshops, with international certifications in Speak Coaching, the Art of Charisma, and Personal Branding, Point of You.

Category: Entrepreneurship

Rosita Manrique, President of the Board of Directors of Fundación Origen

With 17 years of management experience in the private sector in sales, marketing, and project management (Soluciones Inmobiliarias 1994-2011). Since 2008, she has been dedicated to personal development processes, coaching, and leadership training programs.

Category: Digital transformation

Sandra Suárez, general manager of Publicaciones Semana

Current general manager of Publicaciones Semana. Has 22 years of experience in management, administration, political communication, strategic communication, marketing, talent, and public affairs. Has experience in various sectors in administration and management positions; with a Master’s, in Public Administration with an emphasis on Leadership, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution from Harvard University.

Women of the year awards

Following the conferences, the School of Management, the Semana Group, and the Revista Dinero will present the Women of the Year Awards.

The Dinero Woman of the  Year Award aims to recognize those who during their personal and professional career have been characterized for being authentic, inclusive, successful, and influential; for leading others positively, challenging the status quo, and teamwork,  as society agents of change.

The categories of the Women of the Year award are Women in Society, Women in Technology, Women in Enterprise, Women in Science, and Women in Entrepreneurship.

“The School of Management invites all students and alumni to participate, on March 8, in the talks with these important guests in celebration of Women’s Day,  and also experience, first hand, the presentation of the Revista Dinero Women of the Year Awards and consider applying,” said Otoya.


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