Informative Breakfast Meeting – Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

Date: 21 of august of 2019

Time: 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Place: Externado de Colombia University

The School of Management offers this informative session for those interested in pursuing an MBA.

At the meeting, the Program Director will resolve concerns regarding objectives, curriculum, duration, registration process, and requirements, among others.

Why pursue a Master’s in Business Administration – MBA?

– Internationalization:

Participation in different national and international educational spaces allowing generating and sharing knowledge. The program’s multicultural perspective enriches executives’ work, enabling them to learn from others and be trained to meet the challenges encountered in a competitive environment.

– Corporate Involvement:

Through participation in the Emerging Markets Initiative, students conduct a University – enterprise exercise to recognize organizational reality, handle the challenges involved, solve problems from a multidisciplinary perspective, develop project management skills, create experiential learning, and adapt theory to context

– Academic Excellence:

Promotes participation in seminars and conferences at the best universities in the world, by recognizing academic performance.

– Curricular Flexibility:

The program incorporates various elective seminars and thematic deepening (Module IV) applying the latest management trends allowing management skills development.

– Sustainability Strengthening:

Sustainability is explicitly addressed in three instances: Sustainable Development, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance, and the Corporate Involvement module. These allow

students to contribute ethical and responsible solutions in production, business, social, and environmental settings.

– Strengthening and development of prospective and strategy abilities:

In different academic areas, such as Strategic Thinking, Strategic Management, and Prospective, in addition to the emphasis on these themes, students will be able to foresee future scenarios and strengthen their strategic thinking as organizational change managers. With this knowledge, students can start building now, to obtain, in the long-term, better conditions for the organization and its stakeholders.

– Experience and Recognition:

Developed over the past 25 years, the Program has obtained a positioning and image as one of the best MBA programs in Latin America.

Learn about the “Privilegios” Program here.