Criminal Policy Research Center participates in Senate public hearing on abolition of the life imprisonment ban in Colombia

On June 1, 2020, the Externado Criminal Policy Research Center –CIPC– participated in the Senate First Committee Public Hearing on life imprisonment, regarding the seventh debate on Legislative Act 001 of 2019 seeking to lift the life imprisonment constitutional prohibition in Colombia, which will be discussed again by the commission in the next few days

Attending the public hearing were 24 academics and experts from universities, think tanks, and human rights organizations. Among them, the universities Nacional de Colombia, Javeriana, Manizales, San Buenaventura (Cali), Antioquia, Icesi (Cali), Andes, and Rosario, together with the Juan de Castellanos University Foundation (Tunja), the Free Women Organization, Alliance for Children, the Human Corporation, the People’s Legal Team, the Political Prisoners Solidarity Committee, the Colombian Society of Jurists, Dejusticia, and the Externado CIPC.

In her speech, Marcela Gutiérrez Quevedo, CIPC director, highlighted the need to protect children and adolescents’ rights, and argued the infeasibility of life imprisonment, considering, among other reasons, that this is not a suitable punishment nor is it necessary to achieve the proposed purpose.

Dr. Gutiérrez stated that the proposed legislative act does not solve the sexual violence social problem and lacks empirical evidence justifying the implementation of such a measure, detrimental to fundamental rights. In the same way, the professor pointed out that life imprisonment will not guarantee victims’ rights, especially those of children and adolescents. She invited senators to seek more viable alternatives to safeguard the legitimate and constitutional purpose.

Following, view the book “Consideraciones sobre la inviabilidad de la cadena perpetua en Colombia” (Considerations on the infeasibility of life imprisonment in Colombia)   “Consideraciones sobre la inviabilidad de la cadena perpetua en Colombia” written by Angélica Pardo López, Ana Lucía Moncayo Albornoz, and Ángela Marcela Olarte.