Fourth edition of the Penal Abolitionism virtual course

Given the excellent national and international reception of the three previous editions of the course prepared by the Externado Criminal Policy Research Center, it now offers its fourth edition. Participation is free.

The course consists of six modules, in which the student can, at his own pace, become familiar with the basic notions of abolitionism and its main European and Latin American exponents. Additionally, the course will explore key concepts, such as penal system selectivity, financial interests involved in the use and operation of prisons, and restorative justice as an alternative to the penal system in conflict resolution.

The course professors are Marcela Gutiérrez Quevedo, Research Center director, Bibiana Ximena Sarmiento, Ana Lucía Moncayo, Angélica María Pardo, and Sergio Fernández. Open registration. Register here.