Divergencia, journal, and radio

Divergencia is a journal edited by undergraduate students of the Economics Department. With more than a decade of trajectory, it has provided a platform for students to express their views on current economic issues and ultimately to foster a community of aspiring economists.

We are faithful to the pluralistic and tolerant principles of Externado University. Divergencia is not about the opposition to any point of view, nor the destruction of the intellectual past or the veto of the word. Divergencia is where the pluralistic ideas meet that, argumentatively, will be the raw material to form an open, critical, and global vision.

Founded by and for students in 2005, the journal provides spaces for academic discussion for young people. It currently publishes two issues per year and with continuity in its publications, so that by the first semester of 2021, it will have 27 editions.

Divergencia opens a call for articles, stories, poems, cartoons, and any other way of expressing an opinion.

Visit our website: https://revistas.uexternado.edu.co/index.php/diver/index

On the other hand, Radio Divergencia is a discussion space for undergraduate students of the University. It’s focused on current affairs and economic issues. We have debates with panelists specialized in the topics of discussion, which allows the debates to have high informative content from multiple perspectives. In this space, we made recommendations on cultural, historical, and other content that provide a more comprehensive approach to the national and international reality.

Listen to the most recent episodes here: https://anchor.fm/revista-divergencia