Possible futures: merging towards global understanding


Possible futures

The world is in a deep crisis. Moreover, we all have a big responsibility in the short term. How to unify a world for a better and common future? Answers rely upon new understandings of society, different perceptions about us as humans, and a futuristic sense of long-term actions.
The world has been talking more about its development since the early 2000s, defining the concept as the countries’ economic growth and how this was the path to end poverty. That is how governments, academia and the international organizations started talking about Global Development, where equity, social justice, strong institutions, access to health and education, among others are part of the discussions.
The different stakeholders have a crucial role in the action plans that may look forward to building a better future; this is why it is so important to continue the debates in the classrooms.

UExt Summer University is an initiative where visiting lecturers from accredited institutions around the world, come to Bogotá – Colombia to give interdisciplinary short-term courses addressed to international and national students from June 04 to 14, 2024. This year, the UExt Summer University will be focused will be focused on issues related to the challenges to address possible future scenarios for a global understanding.

Join us this summer at Universidad Externado de Colombia, share your ideas and be part of a community of world changers.

Courses addressed to undergraduate students are from
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m to 12m.

Master classes are for postgraduate students and alumni on the following dates:

  • Thursday, June 6: Sustainable Development (Dr. Bulent Acma)
  • Friday, June 7: Intercultural readiness (Dr. Howard E Sypher)
  • Tuesday, June 11: Technology and Innovation (Dr. Jon Sölter)
  • Wednesday, June 12: Facing global challenges (Dr. Ylli Dautaj)
  • Thursday, June 13: Global understanding (Dr. Tonija Hope)

All courses and classes are taught in English. No language test required for attending. High intermediate level is recommended.

Courses for undergraduate students

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Development

This course provides an integrated overview of sustainable development from a global perspective, with the aim of conceptualizing how sustainable development can be achieved in government, business, and society.

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Intercultural Communication

In an increasingly interconnected world, intercultural communication is paramount. This course focuses on transcending cultural barriers and fostering a deeper understanding among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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AI Horizons: Exploring the Depths of Large Language Model

In the contemporary era, Artificial Intelligence stands at the forefront of technological innovation, fundamentally altering the landscape of all scientific fields.

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Investment Treaty Arbitration and the Right to Regulate in an Era of Sustainable Development

ITA is a form of arbitration between foreign investors and host States regarding foreign direct investment (FDI).

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Cultural Diversity and Global Citizenship

Cultural diversity is a significant facet of our global society. This course emphasizes the importance of global citizenship and how to appreciate and respect the diverse cultures that exist worldwide.

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Meet our visiting professors

Dr. Tonija Hope, Ph.D

Howard University
United States

Dr. Bulent Acma, Ph.D

Anadolu University

Dr. Jan Sölter, Ph.D

Hochschule Stralsund University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Howard Elliott Sypher, PhD

Purdue University
United States

Dr. Ylli Dautaj, PhD

Penn State University
United States

Online master classes

  • Sustainable Development
  • Intercultural readiness
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Facing global challenges
  • Global understanding

Scholarships and benefit options

Total cost per course USD 1.600 (Aprox COP 6.400.000)


Undergraduate students only pay the administrative costs corresponding to COP 98.000 (includes certificate from the Externado) for any of the courses.

Asociación de Universidades – Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge

They pay administrative costs and receive a scholarship for the total value of the course. Value to apply COP 530.000 (includes certificate), for any of the courses.

Online Master classes

Addressed to postgraduate students and Externado alumni (exclusively). Single value to pay for any of the classes COP 120.000.

Credit transfer

Ask your program about credit recognition options for homologation of these courses.




Valores en miles COP



Valores en miles COP


USD 215

for administrative costs (only for students from universities in an agreement with Externado)

Free movers pay total cost of USD 1,600



Valores en miles COP

Contact information

Bogotá, Colombia

Universidad Externado de Colombia, Calle 12 No. 1-17 Este

+57 (601) 353 7000 – Ext 4049



Testimonials information


UExt – Summer University 2023 Human Unity: embracing a better world through leadership

La Universidad Externado de Colombia y la Dirección de Internacionalización y Relaciones Externas invitan a participar en este programa, en el que, del 5 al 16 de junio de 2023, visitantes académicos internacionales y estudiantes internacionales y nacionales, podrán interactuar a través de cursos académicos interdisciplinarios en inglés, así como de actividades culturales.

UExt Summer – University

The world is in a deep crisis. We all have a big responsibility in the short term. How to unify a world for a better and common future? Answers rely upon new understandings of society, different perceptions about us as humans, and a futuristic understanding of long-term actions.

El rector se reunió con el grupo de profesoras(es) del UExt – Summer University 2023

Hernando Parra Nieto recibió al Dr. Abdelfatah Arman, Ph.D, de la American University of Ras Al Khaimah en los Emiratos Árabes Unidos, el profesor Victor Miguel Melgarejo Zurutuza de la Universidad de Monterrey en México, el Dr. Paul E. Kotz, Ph.D de la Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota en Estados Unidos, Jennifer Braddock; profesora de la Universidad de Florida y Giovanni Anzola, director de la Dirección de Internacionalización y Relaciones Externas-DIRE.