The objective of the FAETH is to drive the students and the hotel and tourism industry

Edna Rozo, the dean of the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Administration – FAETH ,and the rector, Hernando Parra Nieto, welcomed the teaching team of the faculty who will have the challenge of encouraging our students and driving the hotel and tourism sector after the gradual reactivation of the country after the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic many points regarding readapting to academic life  were outlined: the strengthening of th pedagogical model focused on the social construction of knowledge; the incorporation of new themes in academic formation such as the strengthening of soft skills and the use of Artificial Intellligence (AI) and Big Data. Another aspect highlighted was emotional and mental health.

‘’We have a big challenge with in-person classes: mental health. We will accompany out students so that they can adapt to university life in the best way possible’’, assured Edna Rozo, the dean.

La decana y el rector en la bienvenida de FAETH

The dean also highlighted the importance of including one of the sectors worst hit by the pandemic: the hotel and tourism sector. This is one of the activities fundamental for the social and economic development of the country and of the world.

“We know that this sector has a very high capacity to recuperate. The faculty has a very wide vision of the situation. Our focus is related to the perspective of territorial development and public policies because tourism is a social phenomenon which has implications for culture and society”,  said Rozo.

The rector thanked the faculty teaching staff for their work and for their part I the process of returning to the University for in-person classes. “Thank you for contributing to the reactivation of our Univesity. The Externado is nourished by the presence of you all“, said Parra.

The Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Administraion – FAETH will continue contributing to the reactivation of the university, the country and the world.