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The Library will participate in the 33rd edition of the International Book Fair in Bogota (FILBo)

This year, the Universidad Externado de Colombia Library invites you to participate in the FILBo, with the objective of selecting bibliographic material of interest to the Externado community.

The Fair will be held from August 6th to 22nd , 2021, with Sweden as the guest country.

This virtual participation will allow the Externadista community to select titles that will be an important input for the academic, cultural and research work. It will also strengthen and update the different collections in all areas of knowledge available in our Library.

How can you suggest the purchase of FILBo books for the Library?

From the list above, select the discipline of your interest

Fill out the FBIB06 materials request form, with the data of the selected titles.

Please e-mail the above form to

The Library will notify you of the status of your request.

Once the material enters the Library’s collections, you will be notified by e-mail for consultation.

In addition to the selection of materials, FILBo has an extensive agenda of activities that will bring together more than 400 guests, in which you can participate from the FILBo  website, which will become the virtual stage for professional talks, discussions with authors, book clubs, concerts, book launches, among others.

Remember that the faculties have an assigned Liaison Librarian  who will be available to assist you.