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Egypt District library opens its doors to art

Great meetings have been carried out in the Externado Egypt District Children and Youth Library, inaugurated in June 2018. Following is a recap of its most descriptive activities.

Dramatic art – The Story Hour, Recycling for Life, and Basic Systems for the Elderly, are some of the programs the Egypt District Children and Youth Library has fostered in its six months of existence.

Art appropriates the human being with its creator nature and expands emotions to feel the pulse of the world. The theatre exemplifies this. Carlos Serrano, Professor of the Externado Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty, held a playwriting workshop with visiting children. In eight sessions, they created a series of puppets and together wrote the script for a play, expected to be presented in the first half of 2019.

The Story Hour is an artistic experience where senses awaken the excitement of reading and transport us to amazing scenarios, through books. The event is held daily, Tuesdays to Fridays, from 10:00 to 11:00 am.

In the Recycling for Life program, organized by “Conocer dejando huella” (Learning while leaving a mark) volunteers, children used plastic bottles to make flowerpots and cardboard for fabricating costumes. The event was held July, August, and September, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

Likewise, a space for the elderly was generated: Basic Systems, where participants learned to use computer tools. Gloria Silva Cortés, a volunteer professor of our community, offered the classes.

One of the most interesting meetings was the talk, October 23, 2018, by renowned poet Jhon Fitzgerald Torres Sanmiguel, who presented the poetry for children anthology, No. 150 of the “Un libro por centavos” Collection. The author offered the children a session full of magic and word games.

Hade Alejandra Henao, one of the girls, a regular visitor to the Egypt District Library says: “I like coming here because it is very peaceful and brings me closer to books.”

Programming for the Externado Egypt District Children and Youth Library will continue in 2019, with existing programs and new activities benefitting the children of the Egypt District.