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Exhibit: 25 years training on the Protection of Cultural Heritage

The Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty and the Externado Library celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage Program with a large-format exhibit.

According to the curatorial research, this exhibit “invites to learn about the aspects and orientations that have marked the trajectory of the undergraduate project (…), the academic approaches, the interdisciplinary work involved in the treatment of cultural assets, and the impacts generated by teaching, research, and intervention of cultural assets conservation and restoration.”

Textiles, metals, ceramics, oils on fabric, and manuscripts are some of the materials comprising the sampling. Also included is a reading area of the research carried out by the undergraduate program during these 25 years, as well as a participatory space were students, professors, and Faculty graduates are invited to map the academic and labor transits of Externadista conservators and restorers.

From October 15, 2019, to January 31, 2020, all interested in deepening into the contents of the exhibition, located at the Library’s Exhibition Hall, may request a tour guided by the team of students and mediators, by sending an email, indicating date, time, and contact details to

“”25 years training on the Protection of Cultural Heritage” is possible thanks to the research and curatorship of the human team of the Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage program; especially its director, Catalina Bateman, and professors Paula Matiz and María Paula Alvarez; the museography work carried out by William Gamboa, Carlos González, and María Paula Arias Peñaloza (Museology Area), and the general coordination by Carol Contreras Suárez (Library).