Registration is open for the Master in State Law with emphasis in Tax Law

This program has a deepening modality that seeks for students to delve into updated practical topics.

The master’s degree provides students with methodological tools that allow them, from the appropriation of knowledge, to develop interdisciplinary competencies aimed at the solution and analysis of cases. Being an in-depth master’s degree makes the program have a clear practical realization for students, who will be able to articulate, from the first moment, the knowledge they acquire with a problem that is of interest to them and is related to their work.

In a broad context, there have been numerous changes in legal matters related to the regulatory configuration of the different national, departmental and municipal tax institutions and with the interpretations and decisions adopted by the Constitutional Court in its rulings on the concept of taxation incorporated in our Charter, which is tied to the requirements of justice, equity, progressiveness, efficiency and non-retroactivity and to the constitutional recognition of tax regulatory autonomy of the territorial entities.

For the legal and economic community it is clear that the current tax obligations aimed at financing the growing public expenditures and their correlative rulings of the Constitutional Court and the Council of State have led the Colombian tax regime to become more extensive, complex and intricate every day, which is why it is of the utmost convenience for law and finance professionals to have master’s degree study programs in which the understanding of taxation is reduced to systematic ideas and theoretical contributions are provided on possible lines of conceptual evolution.

It is in this sense that the dynamics that taxation has acquired, driven by the constitutional text itself, represents a call to the centers of higher studies to scientifically analyze the matter and to disseminate through specialized training programs to professionals the most valuable and interesting dogmatic elaborations and proposals.

Free registration until December 31, 2021.

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