Circular Economy as an Opportunity to solve Global Issues

The current global situation is dealing with environmental catastrophic situations such as severe droughts, record breaking heat waves, forest fires, along with the imminent energy crisis. All those events are triggering deforestation, biodiversity loss, limited access to clean water, poverty and forced displacement which, added to the lack of the depletion of natural resources, this configures a puzzling challenge to policymakers, managers, and general population to achieve a Sustainable Development.

Cierre de inscripciones: 31 de octubre

Fechas del curso: 15 al 19 de noviembre
Horario: 07:00am – 9:00am
Modalidad: Virtual
Idioma: Inglés

Circular Economy (CE) emerges as an alternative to the linear economy paradigm and provides new ways to reduce the impact of how we produce and consume. According to the Ellen Mcarthur foundation, CE is an economic system that is regenerative by design and decouples economic growth from environmental degradation.

This course’s main objective is to discuss global challenges and, with a multicultural and interdisciplinary scope, consider how the CE can be an alternative to confront them. Universidad Externado de Colombia, School of Management welcomes you all to be part of this exciting learning experience.

Program Objectives

  • Explore the current global environmental and social challenges
  • Understand the concept and principles of the Circular Economy
  • Identify big challenges, skills, empathy and create groups
  • Raise awareness about individual responsible actions (online tool)
  • Work in a collaborative team proposal using CE as an opportunity to tackle global challenges

This program can be homologated by only one international seminar (only for Externado students)

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