School of Management awarded International Accreditation by the Education Quality Accreditation Agency

The award was presented to Juan Carlos Henao, Externado University Rector, and Alejandro Beltrán, Dean of the School of Management, at a ceremony attended by directives of our House of Studies.

After continuous and joint efforts by its constituencies, since 2015, the Externado de Colombia School of Management was officially awarded International Accreditation by the Education Quality Accreditation Agency, the international higher-education accrediting agency focused on the Business area, with a particular interest in Latin America.

“We were evaluated on education quality assurance, sustainable development, internationalization, and the processes developed by the Faculty. The accreditation is an incentive to continue the unceasing improvement of our current scheme, our Directors, professors, and administrators,” stated Alejandro Beltrán, Dean of the Externado School of Management.

The Dean stressed the commitment by managers, students, professors, and alumni in achieving this recognition and thanked Rector Juan Carlos Henao and the University for their unwavering support. Also, he pledged to continue leading the Faculty to excellence and maintain the quality recognized not only by EQUAA but also by the Ministry of Education, which granted the Faculty an 8-year accreditation.

The Accreditation Evaluation Committee was formed by Dr. Andrés Toledo, director of the Business School of the University Adolfo Ibáñez, in Chile; Dr. Francesc Miralles Torner, Business School Dean, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona campus; and Octavio Ibarra Consuegra, Business School Dean, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, and President of CLADEA (Latin American Council of Administration Schools).

For his part, Eric Talavera, director of EQUAA, who presented the accreditation, mentioned the reviewers had substantiated the recognition enjoyed by the Externado and the Faculty outside the country. In their review, they concluded the Business Administration School stands out in all aspects evaluated, including program proposals, academic dimension, intellectual production, infrastructure and support services, and social inclusion.

“Several academics mentioned they would have liked to study or teach in this School. This ceremony is a recognition of the work they have performed, and this is only the first step; accreditation means we are in an improvement process; both students and professors must continue to grow,” said Talavera.

Rector Juan Carlos Henao also congratulated the Faculty and encouraged it to continue to grow as one of the best in the country.

The meeting ended with a chat between Mauricio Rodríguez, journalist and School of Management Professor, and Andrea Escobar, Director of Semana Educación, who discussed the accreditation awarded and its derivative responsibilities; education in Colombia, and the challenges facing teachers and the Ministry of Education, now headed by María Victoria Angulo.