Conference cycle and roundtable

Date: 10 of august

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Place: F-308

Caquetá Memory Reconstruction Project.

The Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty supports the project, as a contribution to the construction of peace and coexistence.

In January 2018, professors of the Externado de Colombia Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty began an approach to the town of Puerto Torres, Caquetá, to support a community process for the construction of a place of memory.

Puerto Torres, Caquetá

Puerto Torres, a small village in the municipality of Belén de los Andaquíes, suffered, since the beginning of the 2000s, the intensification of the armed conflict, resulting from the settlement in the territory of the Andaquíes South block auto-defense. The majority of the population was displaced, and others suffered in the flesh or witnessed terrible crimes committed there, including forced disappearances, torture, and sexual violence.

Since 2008, approximately, some residents have been returning to their former land with the hope to reconstruct their life before these events and rebuild the social fabric destroyed by violence and forced displacement. The return has involved the re-appropriation and resignification of spaces taken from them, as well as the establishment of solidarity and co-mourning relationship with the victims and their families.

With the support of entities such as the National Centre of Historical Memory and the Blumont International Organization, a series of actions have been carried out in this locality for the recovery of historical memory, as well as architectural interventions on some spaces to be recovered and resignified.

From this context, emerged the initiative for the project “Reconstruction of the social fabric: exploration and cultural heritage participatory action with the community of Puerto Torres, Caquetá,” presented by the Museum of Caquetá at the 2018 Call for Stimuli by the Ministry of Culture, in the area of grants  for curatorial projects: museums and local knowledge. The project was presented with the backing of the Blumont organization and counseled by professors of the Externado Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty in the areas of archaeology, conservation, and restoration of Cultural Heritage Assets and Museology.

The initiative was selected the winner of the Call, together with three others, and consists of assistance in the elaboration of a proposal for a place of memory allowing to reconstruct the community’s history, tell about the impact of the armed conflict, and at the same time, contribute to the repair of the social fabric and the creation of a new history for the region and its inhabitants.

A place of memory refers to a cultural space allowing to 1) recreate the memory of the village of Puerto Torres and its surroundings before the paramilitary phenomenon, during the war, and in the current phase of reconstruction; 2) convening the community around an initiative which may involve different cultural expressions, and 3) tell the world the new story that inhabitants want to build as a contribution to peace.

On Friday, August 10, 2018, as part of the project start-up, an exchange of experiences on places of memory will be held, which will contribute to the discussions on the memory place desired by the Puerto Torres community. Participating in the exchange are the Victims Unit; the Pedagogy Faculty of the University of the Amazon; the Blumont International Organization; the Museum of Caquetá, and the Externado de Colombia University Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty.

At the event, open to the public, there will be space for roundtable discussions among the participating institutions, with the aim of coordinating specific actions relating to the initiative and the Puerto Torres community.