The Faculty was born in 1965 as a program attached to Economic Sciences, in which the Business Administration, Tourism and Hotel Business Administration, Public Accounting and Economy programs coexisted. These programs were linked to the mathematics area of the University.

On january 28, 1987, the board of directors of the University decided to dissolve the Faculty of Economics Sciences and convert its departments into faculties, which had been operating independently, whit their respective boards of directors and faculty. Thus, the Board of Directors of the University granted the quality and denomination of “Faculty of Economics” to our program.

Since its foundation, being consistent whit the externadistas principles, based on plural education and academic rigor, the Faculty of Economics has been characterized by hosting debates that go beyond essential core of economic science, integrating multidisciplinary perspectives.

For this, the Faculty has focused its teaching on core area of economics such as macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics; complemented with tools from fields such as finance, political science, law, business administration, history and philosophy.

Our deans
Deans Period
Julián Arévalo Bencardino 2018 – now
Mauricio Pérez Salazar 1991 – 2018
Darío Bustamante 1990 – 1990
Mauricio Cabrera Galvis 1988 – 1990
Enrique Low Murtra 1970 – 1988
Antonio Hernández 1967 – 1970
Francisco Nicholls 1965 – 1967