Registration Opens for: Specialization in Insurance and Masters in Integral Risk Management

Classes for the academic programs begin in February 2020.

The Center for Risk and Insurance Studies invites all interested in the subject to participate in its academic programs. Registration is now open.

Specialization in Insurance
Starting date: February 1, 2020
Duration: One (1) year

Master’s in Integral Risk Management
Starting date: February 5, 2020
Duration: Two (2) years

These academic programs, with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, aim to train professionals to face, analytically, pro-actively, and investigative, the study of the Insurance institution and Integral Management of Risk.

The context is that of an interdependent and globalized world in which economic, technical, and scientific developments compel the need to know precisely the essential aspects allowing adequate protection against the risks affecting individuals and legal entities, their assets, as well as their consequences on individual and global economies.

The Insurance Institution study involves the following topics:

– Substantial and procedural legal aspects of Insurance

– Economic, financial, and actuarial fundamentals

– Reinsurance

– Organization, supervision, and insurance activity control schemes

– Liability and private insurance systems

– Social security system and its differences with private insurance

– Compliance insurance and official insurance

– General insurance

– Damage settlement

The study of the Risk Phenomenon includes, among others, the following aspects:

– Risk sociological, political, legal, and economic fundamentals

– Organizational theory and decision-making process

– Risk Management mathematical and actuarial foundations

– Legal aspects of risk management and corporate social responsibility