Registration Opens: Specialization in International Economic Law

The program is developed as a Key Chair, face-to-face, 10 visits per year, and combines the effort by each student to deepen, analyze, and prepare, all with the professors’ continuous support.

The proliferation of international treaties and financial institutions requires a detailed study of economic and legal interrelationships derived for business and the state. In this sense, it is important to incorporate legal-economic tools in business, regulatory design, and consulting offices that structure cases and consultancies at national and international levels.

The trade and investment protection network agreements affect public policies, business, and private contracts; also, they affect human rights issues, thus, the reason these effects are analyzed from financial, trade, and political integration relations.

Title awarded: Specialist in International Economic Law

Mode: Face-to-face

Duration: 1 year

SNIES code: Bogotá 55049

Qualified registration: Bogotá – 22853, 30-Dec-14, 7 years