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How to pay the Library fine online?

Externadista, here we explain how to make the payment of the Library fines, through the option "Online payments and printing of receipts".

Now you can pay your fines without leaving your home or standing in long lines. This alternative allows you to make your payments online as follows:

  1. Click on the “online payments” button, fill in the personal information requested there.
  2. Select the option “Other academic payments” and again enter the requested data.
  3. In the box “Financial entitlement items”, look for the option “Library fines (value per day)”.
  4. Indicate the time for which the fine was generated, and click on “Create Order”.
  5. You will be able to visualize the created order and select the payment method. The corresponding receipt will be generated in PDF format, to pay in office; or you can select payment by PSE, to make the payment by debit and/or credit card.
  6. The system or the office will provide you with a voucher that you should send by e-mail to:, for the Library to download the fine and perform the unblocking.

The user will be enabled within fifteen to thirty minutes, once the mail has been received.

With “Online Payments and Receipt Printouts”, the Library provides a quick and easy way to manage the payment of your fines.

How can I pay my fine online?