Abierta convocatoria para cursos de Economía Emergente – EMI Junio/Julio

EMI is an International Exchange Program which provides an unique consulting experience in Emerging Economies focused on small and medium enterprises (SME´S), in sustainable topics like Circular Economy (CE), Corporate Social Responsability (CSR), Social Business (SB), Base of Pyramid Markets (Bop Markets) and strenghtening programs for SME´S like Transforming Small Business (TSB).

The main purpose of the program is to improve the social impact of SME´S and to make aware participants of the new ways to do business in 21st Century. This Year EMI will offer the next modules: CB (Circular Business), Social Business (SB) and TSB.

Fecha límite de inscripción: 15 de mayo
Fechas de inicio y cierre: del 8 de junio al 31 de julio

Idioma: inglés

Modalidad: virtual

Beneficios: EMI es homologable con Plan Padrinos (posgrado) y con Seminarios Internacionales (Aplican términos y condiciones para los Seminarios Internacionales – Debe consultar con su centro al que pertence su programa académico).

Certificados: se entrega certificado de participación.

Emerging Market Initiatives (EMI) – July 2021
Online Platforms: Zoom, Moodle & Kahoot.
Phases: EMI on line is composed by 4 phases: General concepts and training, Diagnostic of companies, creation and presentation of the improvement proposal.
General concepts and training In this stage, students enroll in a training course about concepts of Circular Business (CB), June 8, 9 and 10; Transforming Small Business (TSB), June 15, 16 and 17 and Social Business (SB), June 21,22 and 23. Online
Diagnostic Construction: Teams (International students, local students and professors) start to have reunions and collect information from the companies and Sector; apply tools in order to know the current situation of the company and to identify the most relevant issues. CB: From June 11 to 11 July; TSB, from June 18 to 18 July; SB from June 24 to 25 July. Weekly following meetings. Online
Proposal Creation: After the researching and analysis of the information, teams present the Diagnostic and start to build the proposal. CB: From july 12 to July 16; TSB, from july 19 to July 23; and SB from July 26 to July 30. Online.
Proposal Presentation:  Teams have the opportunity to present to managers and professors, the proposals according to the challenges that they found out during diagnosis stage. CB: july 16; TSB July 23; and SB July 30. Online.
Teams: Each team is composed by: 1 local student, 1 Professor and 2 or 3 international students
Certification: EMI has 3 modules. Students will receive every week a digital certification as a recognition of their participation in the different modules.
Assessment : Participants are graded at every module.
Deliverables: Each team submit a standarized presentation and a written document to the participant company.
Languaje English.
Inscription deadline: May 14th, 2021
Website https://www.uexternado.edu.co/en/school-of-management/emi/
Emails contact: jose.mosquera@uexternado.edu.co

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