Universidad Externado was recognized for its best practices in educational innovation and digital transformation

During 2020 and 2021, the Innovation Lab (Co-Lab) of the Ministry of Education developed two calls, with the objective of identifying good practices in educational innovation and digital transformation in Higher Education Institutions.

The Co-Lab received more than 300 best practices from Higher Education Institutions from all over the country. After a selection process, 195 practices were published in the catalog of Best Practices in Educational Innovation and Digital Transformation in Higher Education, three of which are from the Universidad Externado de Colombia.

  1. Educational innovation for the development of competencies for smart and sustainable cities, which is led by Professor Marco Antonio Péres Useche, director of the Observatory of Society, Government and Information Technologies. Learn more details here
  2. Virtual communities of practice for learning underwater archaeology based on problem methodology, led by Carlos del Cairo Hurtado, professor of the Faculty of Cultural Heritage Studies. More details here
  3. The collaborative production of virtual objects as a teaching and learning strategy in the university environment, a practice led by the professor of the Faculty of Law, Luis Fernando Sabogal. More details here

This type of recognition represents an important achievement for the Universidad Externado de Colombia and the academic units that work day by day in the construction and consolidation of these types of practices.