Externadista Returns to the University 20 Years After Graduating

The affection with which Externadistas remember the University is so great, that after many decades, they even return to visit. They want to relive old times, reconnect with their former professors, and see how much their alma mater has grown.

Patricia Martinez was awarded her law degree by the Faculty of Law 20 years ago. Professor Fernando Hinestrosa (RIP), the Rector, Hernando Parra Nieto, and the Dean of the Faculty, Emilssen González de Cancino, were among some of the professors that guided her professional path.

After 20 years living abroad, Ms. Martinez visited the university campus, saw the new buildings, toured the colourful gardens, and met some of her former colleagues and professors who are still at the university.

“Returning to the university is incredible. There is a sense of nostalgia, but at the same time of emotion, of seeing new things and that the university has evolved a lot. What’s more impressive is that although the buildings are new, there is something that makes one feel at home. They managed to capture the same spirit that one felt 20 years ago,” affirmed Patricia.

After graduating as a lawyer, Patricia went on to study in Boston. It is there where she met her husband and, together, they moved to Mexico where they had two daughters. At present, she forms part of the Board of Directors of a Colombian company (UP Sistemas), which is a technology enterprise that was founded by her mother more than 30 years ago. It has approximately 1,000 staff members that depend on it.

“For me and for my mum, it’s very satisfying to apply everything I learnt in my family company, which has been built single-handedly, and which offers something to the country,” commented the lawyer.

Universidad Externado de Colombia thanks Patricia for her visit. We wish her the best in her personal and professional endeavours. This will always be the Externadistas’ Home!