Call for University Promoters

A promoter is a University undergraduate student characterized by his/her sense of belonging, communication skills, leadership, and commitment.

If you are a School of Management student, what are you waiting for to become one of our leaders?


· Be a fourth-semester and above student.

· Have at least 15 hours of weekly availability.

· Have a grade point average higher than 3.8.

· Demonstrate communication, leadership, and commercial skills.

· Demonstrate a deep sense of belonging for the University and professional field.

· Fill out the application form.


· Provide information on the University academic offerings.

· Support, logistically, important events held within the University campus.


· Work experience

· Student participation

· Creation of contacts network

· Financial compensation per hour worked

If you want to be one of the School’s leading agents and are interested in acquiring professional experience

Don’t miss this opportunity to begin your work experience!

Note: The Call is open to students of all Externado undergraduate programs