Discussion seminar: The proportionality principle in Colombian Administrative Law

Date: 4 of july of 2019

Time: 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Place: E-103

The Administrative Law Research Group invites the entire academic community to participate in its fifth session.

On this occasion, Externado Professor Hugo Alberto Marín Hernández will introduce his book, “El principio de proporcionalidad en el Derecho Administrativo Colombiano” (The proportionality principle in Colombian Administrative Law), published in 2019 by our House of Studies Publishing House.

In addition to explaining the reason for the boom of the proportionality principle in the legal reasoning, content, or structure, as well as its strengths and limits, Professor Marín Hernández, will take a systematic look from the various areas of the public administration activity in which this elaboration and justification technique for legal decisions has become commonly used. Also, he will address the potentialities and the risks involved in its excessive use by the Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction.