Indigenous peoples in the wake of a Latin American political and constitutional paradigm

Fecha: 18 of september

Hora: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Lugar: E-103

The Constitutional Law Department and its line of research on indigenous peoples invite to the meeting.

On this occasion, Professor Katherine Becerra Valdivia, from the Universidad Católica del Norte (Chile), will talk about why some countries in Latin America have strong inclusion and protection of indigenous collective rights and others do not, and the role of the social movements that produced this inclusion.

For her part, Externado professor Soraya Pérez Portillo, member of the research line, will reflect on the positioning of indigenous jurisdiction in the regional constitutional landscape, opened to include the excluded human groups allowing the visibility of ancestral values that today are founding principles permeating public objectives.

Lastly, Professor Bernardo Vela, also from the Externado Constitutional Law Department, will address the critical theoretical constructions emerging against the structural approaches prevailing until before the European wars– which Europeans call world wars – and, specifically, pluralism and postcolonialism.