Seminar with Riemer Knoop, from the Reinwardt Academy, Netherlands

Professors from the Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty met with Professor Riemer Knoop to develop a Seminar on Cultural Heritage and Sustainability.

The Seminar held November 23-25, 2017, comprised three key lectures addressing the cultural heritage dimensions relating to the topics covered in the academic cycle on the economic, political, and social aspects of the Specialization in Museums and Cultural Institutions Sustainability. Additionally, a discussion with the professors of the cycle was organized to discuss the challenges of current sustainability.

The Conference “Heritage and Space: Project Straatwaarden” (Street values), addressed the changing relationships between cultural institutions and the influence of their environmental surroundings. Based on the Straatwaarden project, the modern social dynamics where communities form their own agendas against their economic environments were analyzed.

On the other hand, the conference “Heritage and Community: Participatory Museums,” addressed communities’ involvement with their heritage. A case study was presented where the work of participatory museums in the Netherlands, the European Union, and China, allowed investigating the impacts of these initiatives, at different latitudes.

The third Conference: “Heritage and Memory: The Art of Forgetting,” presented ways in which museums and cultural institutions maintain preset logic in organizing and cataloging their collections, neglecting the possible interrelations between communities and cultural heritage.

Facebook Live streamed the event, and the conferences are available at the Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty @UExternado.EstudiosdelPatrimonioCultural.