Externadista new Council of State Magistrate

Julio Roberto Piza, current Director of our House of Studies’ Tax Law Department, was appointed by the Full Chamber as judge of the fourth section of the Council of State.

Piza is an attorney with a Law Ph.D. from the Externado de Colombia, Javeriana, and del Rosario Universities (when the program was jointly offered).  He also holds a specialization from the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales, in Spain.

He has served as Secretary of the Treasury of Bogotá; General Director of the Special Administrative Unit of the National Tax and Customs Office (DIAN), and Chief of the Tax Resources Division of the Bogotá Tax Administration Office.

Dr. Piza has been teaching for more than 20 years. As an academic, he has carried out research studies on Public Finance, Tax Law, and Taxation matters.

Also, has been a tax administration and public finances consultant and advisor for over thirty years. Additionally, he is the founder of the Law firm Piza & Caballero.

He was awarded a special mention for the monograph, “Análisis constitucional del impuesto predial a la luz de los principios de eficiencia y equidad” (Constitutional analysis of property tax in the light of the principles of efficiency and equity), presented at a University Austral de Argentina competition, in 2005.

His appointment to the Council of State followed the expiry of magistrate Hugo Bastidas’ constitutional term.