Summer Course – “Investment Arbitration and International Commercial Arbitration”

For further information, find out about terms and conditions, and complete the registration process, please contact the Economics Law Department.

The Economics Law Department invites all second-year and above Law students to participate in the Summer Program “Investment Arbitration and International Commercial Arbitration,” offered at the American University in Washington, United States, with recognized arbitrators, which will enhance their International Economic Law knowledge.

Second, third, fourth, and fifth-year Law students may participate in the Investment Arbitration and International Commercial Arbitration Summer Program, held at American University Washington College of Law (WCL), Washington, D.C., May 28 through June 13, 2019.

The summer course, held May 28 through June 13, 2019, may be ratified at the Externado de Colombia, University for a fifth-year intensification, provided the exams are approved and a diploma obtained, according to the agreement between the universities.

The International Commercial Arbitration Program, the only one in the region dedicated exclusively to International Commercial Arbitration and Investment Arbitration, consists of seven courses in English, or three in Spanish, of which participants may choose four. The courses as imparted by world-known arbitrators and professionals from the major Law firms and arbitration agencies in the United States.

Information on the courses can be found here: Spanish and English.

These courses are recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA). To complete Law studies in the United States, students must have a certain number of credits. Each credit is equivalent to 12 hours of training. The Arbitration Summer program courses equal one credit (12 hours) each.

Recognition of WCL credits by the Externado University

Externado students will be treated as WCL academic credit students, in the sense they must comply with attendance requirements and also take the exams, graded anonymously, the same as any local WCL student.

Recognition of the grades obtained and the number of credits or courses granted by the Externado University will be decided independently by the institution.

Practical considerations to determine equivalence of exams and grades

To obtain the summer course and grades equivalencies, Law students must take into account the following considerations:

1. The WCL exams mode varies according to each professor. In some cases, it consists of an oral presentation at the end of the course, a specific question and answers written test, or an analysis of a hypothetical case.

2. To facilitate the transfer of grades obtained at WCL to the Externado de Colombia University, the letters used by WCL and their equivalent value to the numbers used at the Externado are described below:

A = 50

A- = 4.6

B + = 4.3

B = 4.0

B = 3.7

C + = 3.5

C = 3.2

D = 30

F or 0 implies the student failed the course.

At least a D or 1.0 grade is required for the student to obtain academic credit for the course, i.e., a passing grade.

3. One credit courses comprise 12 hours of training, in direct contact with students (excluding breaks). The ABA also requires 30 hours of additional academic work consisting of pre-and after class reading, case analysis, and solving hypothetical problems, among others.

Registration and the required form are completed directly with the Commercial Arbitration Program at the following, before registering, applicants must first notify the Economics Law Department, so they may obtain the available discounts and also for the credits to be homologated when students start their third or fifth-year studies. Students opting for equivalency will continue to pay the regular registration fee without additional discounts.

An excellent advantage for visiting students taking courses for credit (final exam) is they obtain a special rate at WCL, as established in the agreements between the two institutions, as follows: (USD)

1 course – 1,950

2 courses – 1,950

3 courses – 1,950

4 courses – 1,950

To validate the registration and be confirmed by WCL, for sending letters of support to the American Embassy in Bogotá, a non-refundable deposit of US 100.00 is required. The deposit will be credited to the course tuition fees.

Enrollment includes reading materials in electronic format (flash drive). Also, students will have online access to reading materials two weeks before the starting date, so they may begin to prepare.

Students must first pay the deposit. To pay the amount due with a card, you must wait until the payment link is generated, as the system is configured for those paying full rate. Additionally, for the agreement to apply, after entering the name on the registration form under “Title” (Título), students should indicate “Student, Externado de Colombia University.”

It is important to note that due to the special pricing, the students’ grades will be sent to the Economics Law Department, on official letterhead, but will not formally appear in the WCL academic credit Registry. That is, the grades and credit do not apply to the WCL, as the student is not officially enrolled at this University.


The International Commercial Arbitration Program does not provide accommodations. Those participating in the Summer Program have the option of staying at the American University student dorms. Further information can be found here.


Once students have registered and paid the deposit, WCL will send a letter, addressed to the Consular office, confirming registration. As the summer program is not considered a full-time program, students wishing to participate only need a B1/B2 (business or tourist) visa. A student visa is not required. View more information here


Participants must attend at least 90 percent of the classes. Due to the intensive nature of the seminars, absences below this percentage result in a failing grade. Absences must be justified and reported, in writing, to email