Master in Economics and Politics of Education

Bogotá - presencial

3 semestres

Joint program between the faculties of Education Sciences and Economics

The Master in Economics and Education Policy combines economic theory and understanding of the educational system to develop skills that allow the formulation and analysis of public policy in education.


Semester value: $6.525.000

The program student will develop competencies to::

  • Perform analysis of the national and international educational context that include quantitative and qualitative aspects, related to the characteristics of educational systems.
  • Develop econometric studies that allow the analysis of educational programs and public policies, according to the context.
  • Make decisions in the field of educational public policy related to the development of programs and projects.
  • Face the development of educational programs and projects with a deep knowledge of the organization of the Colombian educational system and the characteristics of educational institutions.

Why study the Master of Science in Economics and Policy of Education?