Time for a Discussion: “Imaginaries of the East from the West”

Fecha: 12 of august of 2021

Hora: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Lugar: Zoom Platform

The Universidad Externado de Colombia and its Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies 'Richard Tovar Cárdenas' invite you to participate in this discussion forum.

Despite the amazing scientific, economic and intellectual developments of the territory known as Asia and its great global contributions since ancient times, Europe continues to impose a way of seeing the world from its own perspective. What is modernity? What does development mean? Why have Asian cultures -and other non-European cultures- been called barbaric, exotic, spiritual or underdeveloped? As Colombians, what position do we assume in relation to the East-West dichotomy?

 Mauricio Martínez Rodriguez – Exhibitor 

Professor Mauricio Martinez is a researcher of Asian performing arts, the cultural influences of the Silk Roads and the intangible heritage of Asia. He is a former scholar in India, China, Japan and South Korea. Creator of the Performing Arts Web Encyclopedias (www.rutadeseda.org), “Performing Arts of Asia” on Facebook and YouTube and “Music of Asia Internet Radio”. Lecturer in Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, as well as Colombia. He currently teaches at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies ‘Richard Tovar Cardenas’ at the Universidad Externado de Colombia.