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Building educators’ identity

The Masters in Education Program, in a research format, has been offered at the Externado de Colombia University since 2000.

The program’s main objective is the development of higher-level and increased complexity of the basic skills for student education.

To fulfill this objective, the program takes a curricular structure characterized by its commitment to building the educator’s identity, self-directed learning processes, with the support required to facilitate self-learning.  Also, it aims to train intellectuals, who, within a culture framework, direct education and research process within their professional practice context.

The Master’s program offers the following emphasis:

  • Learning of literacy and mathematics
  • Human development and values
  • English Didactics
  • Educational evaluation and management
  • Teaching Social Sciences

The Master’s in Education is directed to professional in different disciplines, involved in different level educational activities (pre-school, basic, secondary, and higher), in the public or private sector, wishing to perform as researchers in educational processes to influence and contribute to their quality and equity.

Registration for the second semester is now open.