Join the “Conocer Dejando Huella” Volunteer program

The volunteer program, carried out by the Externado Library and students from various faculties, invites members of the Alumni Association to join.

The Association, through a mentoring activity, aims to promote the personal and professional development of its members. Mentors (graduates) offer their guidance and support to the program beneficiaries, namely, children and seniors of the Bogotá Egypt District.

Aim: The training and community support during in the second half of 2018 has the objective to impact, positively, the lives of vulnerable children, adolescents, and older adults, contributing to the possibility of building new realities outside the violence framework.

 Who may join: Association members residing in Bogotá, who will serve as guides for the community benefited by the program. Basic skills required to be a mentor, include:

  1. a) Commitment
  2. b) Time: Minimum 4 hours a week devoted to the volunteer work, according to the schedule established
  3. c) Represent Externadista values and qualities
  4. d) Ability to help and guide

Program Stages: 

  1. CallMass mailing and digital media publication in the University and Association websites.
  2. Registration. Those interested must complete the form found here before Monday, July 19, 2018. Submit the form, together with your professional profile and motivation to participate in the program, to email Also, indicate in the email your agreement with the Association’s policy regarding the use of your personal
  3. Introductory meeting. Presentation of the project, structure, and the working agenda; held during the week of July 23-27, 2018.
  4. Training program. Held July 30 to August 31, 2018, with support from the University.
  5. e) Fieldwork development. The working sessions will be carried out from the first week in September to the first week of November 2018.
  6. f) Closing and evaluation. Presentation to the Externadista community of the results and identification of improvement areas – held the second and third week of November 2018.

 To effectively guide the process, mentor activities will be reviewed and actions determined based on the needs detected.

Benefits: Mentoring is a tool for training and personal growth, as the knowledge and experience guide it in developing the capabilities of those being mentored. At the same time, the mentor is enriched through the contribution and approach to communities; thus, improving their skills and expanding their professional development.