Risk management and emergency plan

Aware of its responsibility to manage the risks facing different emergencies caused by various nature events or disasters, and following the existing country and city legal stipulations for such cases, the Externado de Colombia has implemented a Risk Management and Emergency Plan Program.

The Human Resources Department Work Safety and Health unit is responsible for the program. Their work is based, essentially, on a set of legal stipulations, issued by the Colombian State, for all individuals as well as public and private institutions.

These stipulations are mainly contained in Resolution 1016 of 1989; Law 1523 of 2012 “adopting a national disaster risk management policy, establishing a National Disaster Risk Management System, and enacting other provisions.” Stipulations are also contained in Decree 1072 of 2015 issuing the “Work Sector Regulatory Decree,” Chapter 6, article

At the district level, the IDIGER (District Institute of Risk Management and Climate Change) heads emergency management, together with district organizations such as the Fire Department, Ministry of Health, Mayors’ Offices and public service organizations, among others.

Emergency plan

A Committee has established the Externado emergency plan based on the institution’s characteristics and requirements. Each University area – students, professors, administrators, and service personnel know their role within the Emergency Plan.

The Externado Emergency Plan has established Standard Operating Procedures, i.e., protocols in the event of an emergency, indicating the decision-making mechanisms according to the type of occurrence.

Within this structure, action by the “elite group,” consisting of 83 brigade members, is very important. Having obtained specialized education and training, they would be the first responders in case of an emergency or incident posing a risk to the Externadista community. Emergency brigade members include administrative staff, University Well-Being professors, Support Services personnel, and personal outsourcing.