Colciencias recognizes Externado groups and researchers

The notable advances in our University’s research activity are evidenced after the release of the results of the last Colciencias call.

The preliminary results of the National Call for Recognition and Measurement of Research, Technological, or Innovation Development Groups, and the Recognition of the National Science, Technology, and Innovation System Researchers – SNCTeI, 2018, were published on September 2, 2019.

The University presented 41 research groups, of which four were recognized in category A1; 13 in category A; 13 in category B, and 11 in category C.

The groups (by Faculty) achieving recognition in the higher category (A1), are as follows:

Organizational Management – School of Management

Political Communication – Social Communication-Journalism

Constitutional Law – Faculty of Law

OPERA – Finance, Government and International Relations

As to the results per researcher, and compared to the results in 2016, the University went from 6 to 24 in the Senior category; 27 to 59 in the Associate category, and from 82 to 121 in the Junior category.

The University extends special recognition to the entire academic community for its commitment to this process of improvement and consolidation of our research groups.