Summer course for Externadistas at the University of Bologna (Italy)

The Externado Law Faculty Constitutional Law Department entered into an agreement with the Italian University’s Center for Latin American Studies.

The agreement includes reserving two spaces, each year, for participation by Externado professors in the summer course “Comparison Methodology: Constitutional, supranational, and electoral justice” and three slots for participation of our University students at a 20 percent discount of the registration fee.

This course is aimed at legal operators (judges, attorneys, and diplomatic, state, and local public administration personnel), public or private sector operators in the public and social policies area. The academic training integrates the knowledge normally acquired during the development of legal practices or administrative career, with the distinctive competencies derived from an in-depth study of comparative methodology. The special attention to the judicial area as a comparative methodology application field is of great interest to all the professional fields to which the didactic proposal is directed, as it deepens the knowledge of specific instruments for rights guarantee through the study of supranational judicial systems and their relationship with domestic jurisdictions.

The Center for Latin American Studies was born in 2013, from the academic and research experience of the Department of Public Law and Comparative History of Latin America of the University of Bologna Political and Social Sciences Department.

The course aims to improve the cultural identity of some disciplinary areas and scientific-disciplinary sectors present in the Department and promote interdisciplinarity and internationalization. Thus, the Center promotes and coordinates studies and research in the fields of historical, political, sociological, anthropological, legal, and Latin American language and culture. Also, it organizes events, conferences, seminars, meetings, and manages related scientific publications; facilitates professors and students exchanges with Latin American countries; promotes postgraduate specialization activities, also in collaboration with Italian and foreign associations, universities, and research institutes.