Call for 2019 Fulbright graduate scholarships

Learn more about the portfolio of available programs.

The Call for 2019 Fulbright graduate scholarships, an opportunity to pursue Masters and Doctoral studies in the United States will remain open until May 22, 2019. This year, the portfolio comprises the following programs:

* Fulbright – Colciencias Scholarship: supports the training of high-level professionals and Colombian researchers wishing to pursue doctoral programs.

* Fulbright – Passport to Science Scholarship: directed to Colombian professionals in any field of knowledge, wishing to pursue Masters programs in the United States, starting the second half of 2020, at universities listed in the 2018 Shanghai Ranking.

* Fulbright Scholarship for Afro-descendant Leaders: directed to Colombian professionals belonging to these communities, wishing to pursue Masters or PhD programs at universities in the United States.

* Fulbright Scholarship for Indigenous Leaders: supports a Colombian professional belonging to an indigenous community, offering an opportunity to pursue a Masters or Doctorate.

* Fulbright – Mincultura Scholarship for artists: directed to Colombians demonstrating outstanding performance in their professional field, wishing to pursue Masters studies at United States universities.