Agreement with the University of Zaragoza Spain

The agreement benefits professors and students of both educational institutions.

The Spanish institution has 27,478 exchange students. Starting this year, our University professors and students can carry out activities in the Spanish House of Studies and thus, gain international experience.

As the higher-learning institutions have common academic and cultural interests, they aim, through this agreement, to increase international collaboration.

Both the University of Zaragoza and the Externado de Colombia University pledged to collaborate in teaching and research faculty development, and increase the quality of training services provided to their respective communities.

This agreement aims to facilitate interuniversity cooperation in the fields of higher education and research.

Additionally, professors will participate in seminars or congresses at the host University, and promote teaching staff exchanges for a specified period, determined by the two universities.

The agreement also calls for student exchanges, providing them an opportunity to live an academic and cultural experience in another country.

The agreement will be effective for four years.