Micro-workshop: Let’s create a HyperDocument

Date: 19 of february of 2020

Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Place: To be confirmed

Teachers participating will learn how to create strategies for their classes.

In a HyperDocument, teachers can combine all the tools in the Google suite to generate collaborative learning, active interaction with content, and meaningful learning. This micro-workshop aims to create, step by step, one of these strategies for use in some of their classes.

Carolina Rodríguez Buitrago will be the teacher guiding this workshop. She holds a degree in Spanish and foreign languages from the National Pedagogic University, certified in English from Mount Holyoke College in the United States, and also holds a Master’s in Educational Technology & TESOL from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

*This micro-workshop is part of the Digital Teaching Route.

Competence: Design of Virtual Learning Environments (AVA).

Level: 1 For further information, we invite you to view the webinar “Building HyperDocuments for Developing Student Autonomy,” where Carolina Rodríguez explains the HyperDocuments concept, tells how it is developed, presents the basic steps for its creation, and shows some examples.

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