Externadistas enjoyed a film and art show

In its continuous efforts to bring art, cinema, poetry, and music to the Externadista community, the Cultural Decanatura invited undergraduates to the screening of the film "Loving Vincent."

Attendees’ reception to the activity was marked by recognition to the University for providing events like this: “I thought it was very interesting, I think free time spaces, at some point, cease to be recreational and become part of academic life. (…) it is great to have these activities, and hope the Externadista community realizes all the Decanatura does for us,” said María Paula Ramírez, an Anthropology student.

During the movie, students were attentive to the details of the animated biopic about the circumstances of the death of Dutch painter Vincent Willem van Gogh. Angie Salamanca, a Social Communication – Journalism student, stated: “It is a very important activity; it is wonderful that the University invites students to view art from different perspectives, and especially, a film like this one, combining so many beautiful things, such as painting, cinema, music, and script. Everything was beautiful.”

Attendees agreed on their wish to have cultural activities for Externadistas: “It is wonderful the University opens these spaces, as sometimes we become very ”engrossed” in academics only, but it is also important to view movies, listen to music, do other things. “Hopefully, the University will continue having many more activities and disseminate the information so many more people participate,” said Natalia Jaramillo, a student of the Law Faculty.

More testimonials from other students attending the film:

“We thank the Cultural Decanatura for their efforts and giving many of us the opportunity to view the film.” – Amanda Valencia, Social communication – Journalism student.

“It’s cool the University offers these spaces because aside from our academic studies, we can learn about art and culture.” –  Carolina Patiño, Law student.

“I find it very cool that the University offers these spaces because, in addition to academics, one has the opportunity to interact with fellow students, as such.” –  Jessica Montaña, Business Administration student.

“I liked it very much; it’s very nice that the University has the desire and is willing to make an effort to open such spaces for students.”-  Juan Sebastián Martínez, Law student.

“I believe it is very important the Decanatura promotes such activities at the University so that students can come close to these types of activities.” –  Cristián Sánchez, Cultural Heritage Faculty Archaeology student.