Test your knowledge in the Teacher’s Challenge

All wishing to participate should take into account certain recommendations.

The Externadista Virtual Community invites Externado professors to try out the knowledge acquired in the Emaze and Animoto micro-workshops.

To participate, the following should be considered:

1. Choose a concept you want to convey to your students.

2. Organize the contents taking into account the originality and contribution to learning.

3. Use quality images, respecting copyright policies.

4. Choose one of the two tools (Emaze or Animoto) *

5. Create a digital educational resource. 6. Share the resource web link, via e-mail to comunidad.virtual@uexternado.edu.co, before March 20, 2019.

*You can participate with two or more resources.

If support is needed, check the following video tutorials:

Animoto tutorial Video
Emaze tutorial Video

Alternatively, seek assistance through our hotlines